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Paint what you think… I do.

This website was created to introduce my works to a broader audience, to make more of my works immediately available, and to share my creative process and many styles with people who enjoy art and the metaphysical nature of art creation.

One of my definitions of art creation is the selective redesign of reality for projecting a different side or perspective of that reality. My most preferred medium to do this is painting. So why do I create art with paint, brush and canvas? The first part in the answer, is to simply tell a viewer what it is I think about something. The second part, is to simply share ideas and knowledge.

For me, paintings are like books. Books are categorized in a similar fashion as paintings. If you think about it, biographies are like painted portraits. Fantasy fictions are akin to surrealism. Freestyle poems are like abstract paintings. In other words, paintings are like visual literature. And like books, most paintings have a creative narrative, or story telling aspect to them. The medium of painting is a natural instrument of communication for me, and a protected place where I can express how I think about something; a place to register concerns, or celebrate all that I appreciate in life. Paintings record history and important events, trends and fashions, and, they are a perfect tool of for one’s personal legacy.

The process of creating art is conceptual and involves open-ended critical thinking of a theme, a topic or a subject. Creating original art encourages a deeper, more contemplative consideration of an idea or subject, which of course is my ultimate reason for making art, and I suspect this is true for many other artists as well.

When viewing my paintings, you will notice my intentional free, unapologetic method in which I approach my work. I am not locked into any particular theme or style. In making art, I try not to limit myself by too many rules. Excessive rules tend to spoil the process, and ultimately the outcome. I believe that limiting conventional rules encourage my creative process; but of course it would, right? Virtually everything in the world of art is conceptual, in reality, so in my art world; rules should be used sparingly. I abide only to the obvious ones, such as avoid mixing the wrong colors and getting mud, and things like that.

The physical act of painting is emotionally liberating. Let’s face it, painting is one of the oldest of “old world” things to do, right? This is why young people learn to draw on computer screens, rather than actually pressing pencil to paper. I discovered this when I taught Media Graphics for three semesters at the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno. So if I were a Neanderthal today, I would likely be sitting in a loin cloth on some muddy playa drawing in the soil with sticks, right? …Sounds like “Burning Man”... hmm.

My point is, for all of the technology we use, and for every digital move we make, the one thing which remains constant is the “human” way we do things, which is called “human nature,” and like the sun, it’s forever present. Sticks and mud will ALWAYS be here, even if the electrical grid burns up from a visiting comet.