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Artist, designer, and visual communications specialist; Ron Oden is arguably one of the most published artists of our time, having created thousands of illustrations, paintings and drawings for virtually every industry and in the art world. A fine artist since childhood, Oden's creative abilities and accomplishments are fueled by his deep love and appreciation of ALL fine art. This too, explains his need to express diversely in all mediums and styles, rejecting the traditional "one-style" approach to his body of work.

Coming from humble roots, and with few to no opportunities extended him by his art community or the art community at large, Oden forged his own reputation through years of relentless self-seeking efforts, training and hard work. Oden's Clients, patrons and collectors have come to know and appreciate his dedication to the deliverance of quality, perfection and honesty to his profession.

The artist's deepest respect for originality drives him to innovate, not follow; a creative trait that set this artist apart from many of his contemporaries. Presently, Ron continues to enjoy his craft, and welcomes new clients and creative challenges. The artist hopes you will enjoy viewing the content and images on his website. Please contact Ron directly for any comments or questions you may have.

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